Focused for Mom- Preneurs ( ADULTS)
  • ☑ 1 Hour live-online class
  • ☑ 1 Day per week 
  • ☑ Dedicated Live professional instructor
  • ☑ Small class size ratio
  • ☑ $180 every month!

Learn Social Media Marketing, Image manipulation, Print setup, Parallax, Gifs, Video, etc…
Download Photoshop  for Students. Laptop or PC is required.

Virtual Classes

Photoshop Classes for Adults (mom-preneurs)
  • 1 Hour live-streaming
  • 1 Class per week
  • Dedicated live professional instructor
  • Small class size ratio
  • $180 every 4 weeks!

Download Adobe Phothoshop  for Students Laptop or PC is required. (more details in your email after registered)


I invite you to get back into the digital world, understand how to manipulate, edit and set up a graphic image for the different media channel solutions. Dive in the leading industry Graphic Design tool in the most effective and creative way. This course has a strong focus on your own needs and it’s for those who want to become Photoshop power users.


Bring your own business/project needs, and we will teach you how to create a unique image business solution using the world’s best digital design/ editing tool.

Deep Diving into – Adobe Photoshop
Learning Outcomes
  • Experience an engaging learning process
  • Develop creative thinking
  • Gain confidence using digital media tools
  • Receive 1:1 Online Instructor Feedback
digital education
Learn step-by-step multi-media design, in a very safe and supportive environment, encouraging curiosity and creativity along with an extensive and comprehensive design enrichment education.
Class Highlights
  • Study in an on-going enrichment program
  • Work with the latest mobile technology
  • Learn tips/tricks ( Photoshop, Parallax,
    Motion, Video from Photoshop
    , and more…)
This program is designed
to  help & support students to develop their Creativity
by exploring new skills in a supportive environment encouraging curiosity and creativity.