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Digital ProgramS FOR for Kids, Teens, Adults & seniors

Our students TALK

Angela Gonzalez
from Madrid, Spain

5 stars from Google Reviews CreativeOnes my son has found a way to practice and unearth his creativity. I am very happy with the academy, the teacher shows a lot of interest for each of the students and they in a relaxed environment learn to use technology. Estoy muy contenta con la academia, en un ambiente relajado aprenden a usar la tecnología

Sul Gomez
from Windermere, Florida

5 stars from Google Reviews CreativeOnes is a magnificent choice for young kids and adults, the instructor is super dynamic and knowledgeable and shares it all with her students! I highly recommend their online classes and camps!

Abi Petters Beaty
from The Woodlands, Texas

5 stars from Google Reviews Phenomenal teacher with a ton of real-world experience. She comes up with projects that the kids are interested in, combining their love of art while using today’s industry-standard tools that they’ll need for the future. During my son’s course, he created print-ready artwork, stop-motion video, digital drawings and much more. CreativeOnes Digital Art Academy is awesome!

Veronica C. Pagan
from Conroe, Texas

5 stars from Google Reviews I really recommend CreativeOnes to everybody! I was amazed by all the digital artwork my son created in that class! He learned how to create videos using different technology applications, 3D drawings, and animation. He also created a mouse pad for Mother’s Day, which I loved! The teacher was very enthusiastic, engaging and knowledgeable. She introduced my son to the digital world and he loved it!! My son had a great time there and learned a lot!!!

Juan Faudoa
from Monterrey, Mexico

5 stars from Google ReviewsA mi hija le encanta la clase

reviews from a parent
Dannya Rodriguez
from Queretaro, Mexico

5 stars from Google ReviewsMi hija de 13 años es la más feliz en las clases!! Ahora pasa horas haciendo animaciones y dibujando, en lugar de estar en videojuegos y redes sociales, cualquier mamá agradece eso. Y empieza aplicar lo q aprende en la escuela!! Super recomendable!! Esta padrisimo!!! GRACIAS POR TODO PERO SOBRE TODO POR HACER UN CAMBIO ASOMBROSO EN LA VIDA DE MI HIJA

Susana Salmeron-Tabarini
from The Woodlands, Texas

5 stars from Google ReviewsI highly recommend CreativeOnes Academy to anyone who wants to learn more about the digital world. My daughters instructor makes the class very fun and comfortable. Not only, is the class environment great but it is also preparing her for her future.

Esther Hernandez
from Spain

5 stars from Google ReviewsEstoy muy contenta con CreativeOnes, nos ha dado la posibilidad de que mi hija,en esta época de confinamiento, se ilusione y pase tiempo desarrollando habilidades de creatividad con su Ipad, a la vez que disfruta y aprende. Mi enhorabuena , a esta pedazo de idea.

Diana Cosme
from Orlando, Florida

5 stars from Google ReviewsMy daughter is 13 years old she start her online course with CreativeOnes few weeks ago and since then she is so excited and happy about what she is going to be learning next . I recommend this academy is amazing I believe every parent should take advantage of this great opportunity, is an investment on our kids future and also is a great opportunity for parents to learn and connect with the kids enter in there world and understand them even more.

Braulio Perex
from Canaria Islands, Spain

5 stars from Google ReviewsA mí hija le encanta las clases. En cuanto le empiezan las clases de dibujo se queda absorta en el trabajo y veo que se enriquece su conocimiento, quedándose un rato alejada de cualquier otro software improductivo para un niño. Recomiendo esta academia por la facilidad que conectan con los niños.

Pablo Jimenez
from Cypress, Texas

5 stars from Google ReviewsAs a father, education is crucial and we must continue to invest in our children and the next generation. With the work and the time that the staff at CreativeOnes Academy put with my two children, the most important they learned. I was able to see how the instructors patience and time was making a positive change on them. The work that CreativeOnes Academy have completed in their online teaching is perfect.

Clarice Shippen
from Conroe Texas

5 stars from Google ReviewsLove the digital art camps this group offers. I found the site while searching on the web for a virtual class with live instruction. I saw the positive reviews from other parents, liked their website and decided to take a chance. I am so glad I did. Highly recommended!

Antonio Molina
from Almeria, Spain

5 stars from Google Reviews We have finally found a place where our daughter improves her creativity and above all, she has fun! We highly value the attention. I have to admit that we even have t-shirts and mugs with the designs that our daughter has made at CreativeOnes Academy, Por fin hemos encontrado un sitio donde nuestra hija mejora su creatividad y sobre todo, se divierte!

Eunah Yu
from Maryland

5 stars from Google ReviewsMy daughter (10 years old) took a week of digital media design summer camp this summer. She learned a lot on how to use the Procreate App and kept using it when she has some extra time to produce beautiful wallpaper for iPhone and iPad and funny animations. The instructor was so patient and diligent to work with students interactively. I highly recommend this class!

Digital Art Classes

On-going Live/Online/Virtual Classes for Kids & Teens learning sketching & drawing, digital graphic special drawing effects using procreate. Student create character illustrations, cartoons, using effects, and much more… with a dedicated Professional Instructor connected in live class.

Digital Media Classes

On-going Live/Online/Virtual Classes for Kids & Teens learning Multi-Media Graphic Design using Adobe Suite: Photoshop, Illustrator, Dimen.. (Virtual After-School Program) for Teens in both platform (Desktop & iPad) learning digital image editing, logos vector creation, print designs process and more…with a dedicated Professional Instructor connected in live class.

Digital 3D Classes

On-going Live/Online/Virtual Classes for Kids & Teens learning 3D Digital sculpting art, modeling, drawing & painting from your iPad/android using Nomat Sculpt. Creating 3D characters, robots, dinosaurs, pokémon among others… and VR (virtual Reality) with a dedicated Professional Instructor connected in live class.

Self-learning Courses

Have full access to over 100 Child Safe/Proof Tutorials learning Digital Art 3D/2D art design, 24/7 access. Learning digital drawing illustrations like Cartoons, Anime, Manga, and more… Kids & Teens safe/proof videos with NO advertisings or sound interruptions, Internet Safe for kids to Develop Digital Art Skills.

“If you want to teach people a new way of thinking,
give them a tool, this will lead to new ways of thinking.”
— R. Buckminster Fuller, Author & Inventor

Why is creativity important?

Creative education and learning are important ingredients to evolve.

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.” – Henry Ford

digital creativity

Becoming a CreativeONE is not just about learning skills, but more so about learning how to think creatively. It is learning to make good choices. It is learning to act with purpose so you can change the world, become a better person, reach your potential, and eliminate your fears.

CreativeONES Academy- digital art academy app for kids, teens, adults & seniors
digital multi-media design program
Digital art classes for kids teens adults in Orlando area Digital Art Academy
Digital art classes for kids teens adults in Orlando area Digital Art Academy
Digital art classes for kids teens adults in Orlando area Digital Art Academy

Covering Areas: Winter Garden, Windermere, Dr. Phillips, Celebration and more.

   — Don Bosco