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Online virtual program where student skills/level up learning COMPUTER GRAPHIC design, language, math & digital art process

How much time does you or your child spend watching social media or playing on phones? It is time to turn all that time spent into practical skills. Skill UP with our Virtual/Online Classes, Video Tutorial Programs, & Camps. CreativeOnes Digital Art Academy is a multimedia maker online program for kids, teens & adults. Learn digital sketching, drawing, animation, 3D/2D, and VR/AR using Procreate, Nomad Sculpt, Photoshop, Dimension, Illustrator and others.

Our goal is to help students evolve step-by-step with professional passionate creative instructors. Our school programs are a combination of self-learning from video tutorials and online/live professional instruction. Students love our ongoing classes and enjoy practicing their skills though practical projects. Students enrolled in ongoing program have access to self-learning tutorials. We host creative educational camps for summer/winter breaks to accelerate any learning process.

Our after-school learning program give students creative skills to use in today’s digital world so they can use those talents productively as they grow older.

Digital 3D Classes

On-going Live/Online/Virtual Classes for Kids & Teens learning 3D Digital sculpting art, modeling, drawing & painting from your iPad/android using Nomat Sculpt. Creating 3D characters, robots, dinosaurs, pokémon among others… and VR (virtual Reality) with a dedicated Professional Instructor connected in live class.


Digital Media Classes

On-going Live/Online/Virtual Classes for Kids & Teens learning Multi-Media Graphic Design using Adobe Suite: Photoshop, Illustrator, Dimen.. (Virtual After-School Program) for Teens in both platform (Desktop & iPad) learning digital image editing, logos vector creation, print designs process and more…with a dedicated Professional Instructor connected in live class.

Digital Art Classes

On-going Live/Online/Virtual Classes for Kids & Teens learning sketching & drawing, digital graphic special drawing effects using procreate. Student create character illustrations, cartoons, using effects, and much more… with a dedicated Professional Instructor connected in live class.

Self-learning Courses

Have full access to over 100 Child Safe/Proof Tutorials learning Digital Art 3D/2D art design, 24/7 access. Learning digital drawing illustrations like Cartoons, Anime, Manga, and more… Kids & Teens safe/proof videos with NO advertisings or sound interruptions, Internet Safe for kids to Develop Digital Art Skills.


CreativeONES Digital Design Academy is dedicated to support and raise your creative side.  Our ultimate goal is to prepare you for the digital era.  We’ll help you improve at your own pace with our state-of-the-art digital design program.  You can acquire the skills needed to develop your creativity using the latest digital applications and tools with our courses!

Providing a creative education program that inspires Kids, Teens, Adults & Seniors to think differently from the basics to the advanced media design”.

 Partnering schools 
Helping Schools & Businesses
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It is never too late
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Partnering with schools supporting educators and students during Covid time. Preparing students for new opportunities, providing creative education inspiring not just to learn, but to grow in this fast paced digital world!
Our digital graphic design programs include: cartooning, character modeling, digital sketching, hybrid-animals, digital painting, 3D printing, animation, and more!
digital multi-media design
@ CreativeOnes Academy, we’ll help you to learn at your own pace from the basic to the advanced. We support everyone who want to learn and understand multi-media design.
Creative DRAW & PRINT Design
You will learn to create digital creative drawings, illustrations, landscapes, and paintings with stunning special effects. Merge fine art fundamentals and technology to create in a unique way.
drawing editing classes for kids, teens and adults in Orlando
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Creative IMAGE EDITING Design
You will be introduced to the creative and technical principles of digital image and creative photography editing. Learn the technical and conceptual skills needed to create photography visions and illusions. And more…
Creative MOTION Design
Learn motion solutions using stunning effects, backgrounds, and visual assets to produce creative animations. Learn the concepts of sequences through fun and inspirational design projects. And more…
motion animation classes for kids teens adults in Orlando area Digital Art Academy
video editing classes for kids, teens and adults in Orlando
Creative VIDEO EDITING Design
You will learn step-by-step about creative mobile video editing, production, mastering the fundamentals of video storytelling. Learn about stop motion , short films. And more…
Creative 2D/3D Design
You will learn the concepts of 2 Dimensional (2D) and 3 Dimensional (3D) digital designs while understanding visual characteristics such as transparency, symmetry, texture, embossing, and creating 2D/3D/ illusions. And more…
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print image motion VIDEO 3D

As a Creative Computer Graphic Enrichment Learning Program we teach everyone who want to learn. Our instructors are professional digital artists who are dedicated to creating an engaging, fun, and inspiring classroom environment covering Digital Sketching, Drawing, Video, Image Editing, Motion, 2D/3D, Virtual Reality, and more…

“If you want to teach people a new way of thinking,
give them a tool, this will lead to new ways of thinking.”
— R. Buckminster Fuller, Author & Inventor

Why is creativity important?

Creative education and learning are important ingredients to evolve.

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.” – Henry Ford

digital creativity

Learning with CreativeONES program you will not just gain skills, but learn step-by-step in a creative way reaching your potential, eliminating your fears, evolving in the new digital era.


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